South Africa, here we come!


Now it’s time to introduce us in english. Everyone of us wrote a short presentation of themselves and now you can get to know us in advance. We have also done a video about us in english and you can find it at the end of this post.



Hi! My name is Emmi. I am 21 year-old midwife student from Tampere, Finland. I like to do things that make other people happy,  bake delicious cupcakes, cookies and other sweet things and  knit warming wool socks as gifts to my friends and family.


Hello!My name is Nelli and I`m 21 years old. I live in Tampere and I am studying to be a midwife. I regularly visit Järvenpää where my family lives. My family includes mom and dad, two little brothers and two cats. Actually my other brother lives in USA this year as an exchange student. I am super exited about this opportunity to visit South Africa on November =)


Hello there! My name is Essi and I’m a student midwife in Tampere University of Applied Sciences. On my free time I like to do plenty of sports and other stuff I enjoy. I’m on my second year of my studies and looking forward to all the practical periods in the delivery room with children and mothers, such as with all kinds of other patients, in different kind of wards. I wanted to head to South Africa because of it’s fascinating culture, nature and history. And also of course due to my interest in working with children and the young. It is lovely to get to know people from different countries and I’m hoping to see the world a bit differently after our trip.


Hello,My name is Meri, I’m 20 years old and I’m studying to be a midwife. I’ve never been to Africa, so I’m pretty excited about this trip!


Hi! My name is Heidi and I’m 21 year-old midwife student. I live in Tampere and I have moved here about an year ago. I’m very positive person and I love to get to know people from other countries. That’s why I’m so excited about this opportunity to visit South Africa.



Hi. My name is Nelli. I’m 24 years old and a second year nurse student. What I’m waiting from the journey? Well, the sun and warmth of course, but also new experiences, surprises and learning a lot of new things. We will be there soon!


Well hello! My name is Jessica. I’m 32 years old women and I study to be a nurse. I have three children and husband. I believe that the everyday has the opportunity to learn new things. I spend my free time with my family and friends. From South Africa, I look forward to a comfortable stay together with new experiences.


I’m Neeamari and 22 years old. I originally come from Lahti. I moved to Tampere and started my nursing studies in January 2016. I want to specialize in paediatric nursing. I like to spend time with my family and friends. In my spare time, I cook and crochet rugs. I’m also very fond of animals.


Hello!My name is Lilia and I’m 21 years old. I’m studying nursing and this is my second year

I like running & walking in the nature and going to gym. I enjoy photographing and baking, too.

I’m so excited to be part of our short exchange to South-Africa!


Graduating nurses

My name is Mira and I am a 23-year-old nurse student from Tampere, Finland. I’m towards the end of my studies, and I will graduate at Christmas 2017, I specialize nursing care for children. I’ve never traveled outside Europe so I look forward to the South African journey. I look forward to getting to the safari in South Africa and exploring the new culture.


I’m Emilia and I’m soon graduating as a nurse from Tampere University of Applied Sciences. I have been backpacking in Africa for a year. During my travels I took part in different volyntary projects and worked as a nurse trainee in local hospitals. I fell in love with the african way of living. The thing I love about travelling is that you get to know different kind of people and cultures. With an open heart you learn so much about life. During my freetime I love to go running and do yoga. Recently as a part of my yoga practice I have made it into headstand, fow which I’m really ecxited!


Hello!I’m Anna-Emilia and I’m  studying nursing at Tampere University of Applied Sciences. I like joging with my dog especially in the forest. I’m very excited about going to South-Africa!



We are two experienced nursing lecturers from Tampere University of Applied Sciences in Finland. Our responsibility is to safely guide the student group all the way to Pretoria, South Africa!

Elina is a midwife lecturer and connected to South Africa with a Potchefstroom husband and three teens. Elina has spent one year (a long time ago) in Pretoria. Elina’s main mission in life is baby calming and working with her students. Fun fact: Elina was -and is still a bit- a horse girl!

Anne is an energetic nursing lecturer focused on training paediatric nurses. She has a husband and two teenage boys at home. Anne is a seasoned traveler and gets things done quickly, never a dull moment with her! Fun fact: Anne loves drama!

Anne and Elina both believes in fun learning and was part of a team creating a learning game called Baby Bakery!


Here is our video!


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